At its best, all design evokes a significant emotional response; but when properly coupled to operational efficiency and financial responsibility, the result is exceptional project performance – and that’s the standard that lies at the heart of the projects I’m most proud of; its the essence of everything I put into design. 

Wucherer Design provides thought leadership, coupled to operational efficiency and financial responsibility through exceptional design for the leisure and hospitality industries.

Through my partnership in Strada Development Group, I put those ideas to the practical test, all the while embracing the responsibility of proforma-driven solutions.

Our Projects

Collaborating on some of the world’s most iconic projects is a thrill. It takes time, energy, patience, passion and curiosity to create them.

About WDL

Wucherer Design Ltd. was established in 2001 just before my 40th birthday and after 13 years working for a Las Vegas-based design-build firm as Vice President of Architecture and Information Technology.  My contributions there included the design and plan implementation for several world-renowned premier hospitality properties, including the original phase of the Rio Las Vegas, Treasure Island and the Bellagio Hotel Casinos in Las Vegas and I felt it was time to leverage those lessons in my own unique way.

Through my partnership in YWS, we practiced for almost 20 more years in collaboration with some of the industry’s leading visionaries and now, we are pleased to provide expertise to select clients again as WDL.

Our Thoughts

Hello world!

Tom Wucherer and Wucherer Design have been around for a long time, but it takes time to accumulate 35 years of learning. Now its time to apply them to select projects that pique our interest.

Contact WDL

Wucherer Design operates virtually for the most part by addressing global client needs digitally; but having said that, we’ll be happy to meet with you pretty much anywhere on the planet.

Drop me an email (info@WuchererDesign.com) and we’ll meet on just about any digital platform out there, on the phone or in person to begin a dialog.